Yorick - The amount of ghouls are UNSATISFYING ( the opinions of a dissapointed "yorick fan")

Hey there! I tried out the reworked Yorick a couple of times on the PBE and I must say that lorewise it doesn't deliver :/ The laining phase is pretty exciting, has counterplay, can sustain and poke as supposed to. But after around 15 minutes when everybody starts to roam, they take dragon, they group mid to push, they even get some teamfighting done, Yorick is literally bound to stay near minions and if this isn't enough mostly he has to last hit them. His fighting potential is all about proper set up... which is great but when you don't have time to farm then the lack of ghouls becomes irritating and makes Yorick weak and unsatisfying to play (his ult is sometimes there to compensate tho) I get it that he is a splitpusher but he painfully needs some ALTERNATIVE way to summon ghouls (khm, mistwalkers). There is no undead army that we were promised. It's okay that we have only TWO types of ghouls, it's okay that mistwalkers are so squishy, but the amount of effort the player needs to summon them is ridiculos. The Maiden has really long cooldown and the mistwalkers die almost insantly after they are summoned so you have to start grind the graves again for that HUGE unsatisfactory. A SOLUTION for example could be an additional passive on his ultimate that makes graves randomly spawns around him just like Illaoi's tentacles. ALSO add another passive to the skill so that each point on the ultimate increase the aviable mistwalkers Yorick can summon, so at level 16 he can have 7 of them - thisway his early game wouldn't change just later in the game we would experience that ghoul army Yorick SHOULD bring to the League Thanks for reading, I hope it reaches out some Rioter
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