A confession regarding human interaction within a LoL team

a player autofilled into support asking for swap politely will, in most cases, be offered a swap by me. "autofilled, can someone swap roles **please**" will 80% of the time get the job done with me. However, as much as I am willing to grant requests, demands or trying to weasel the way outta supporting by troll threats, hovering over "obviously-not-a-support" champions (like Katarina), claims to be a smurf (like if i care, for the moment the guy is the same mmr i am) or promises of carrying will only get me confrontational "like who dafaq does this guy think he is?", and i won't bend a freaking inch, because situation got confrontational and i know i am in the right. Anyone else with a similar philosophy? KINDA LATE EDIT: yes, i consider "i will carry" promise to be confrontational. Simply because it reveals that a person making such promise assumes that they are better than a player assigned to play the said role.
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