The Place Where Broken champions Emerge From

There have been champs that are broken for a long time or at least good at worst. But why every once in a while there are champions that emerge from no where to become super OP and such a pain to face? Let's look at some of the reasons: (1) Balance and Pro play. Riot cannot balance all these champions around different ELOs. This results makes some champions so good in low ELO and others not as good but S tier in high ELO. Pro play makes things much worse because some champions must be so bad in soloQ because they can take over in organized play (Azir, Kalista, Sejuani, Ornn, Galio... etc all never pass 48% WR at best). (2) All new champions/Reworks with super Overloaded Kits. Riot wants to make new "cool and interesting" champions, but they actually overshoot that. There is so much mobility/invisibility/untargetability/true damage/damage reduction/… and there is even new mechanics coming like Camille R that can't be flashed out and new Akali shroud that even turrets can't reveal. (3) Nerfing a lot of champions of a certain class can make an untouched chmpion become relatively strong. For example, when a lot of supports got nerfed, Nami and Alistar became stronger in soloQ because they were untouched. (4) A lot of players are ready to abuse the "new best champ for this mission". Earlier this season. Khazix had 31% pick rate, 56% ban rate and 53% win rate. Riot nerfed his R which was the way he used to surprise people, get kills and snowball out of control. What happened then? His play and ban rate gradually decreased to non existence (0.7% ban rate last patch) and people picked up the new bst champ for the job. Evelynn has a weak early game, but has perma stealth after 6 even without bushes around and she has hard CC and also an excute ult that can get you out of trouble. She emerged from darkness to 26% play rate, 52% ban rate and 53% win rate. Almost no one felt sorry for that void creature called Khazix. If both Khazix and Evelynn are so weak, maybe Rengar will have easy hunt or Shaco will not be only played by his one-tricks. (5) There is always "the new best build", too. When crit items where super OP, Graves players build crit and go 1v9. When crit got destroyed, Graves players build full lethality and went 1v9. Crit is back? Crit Graves is back. If lethality is too weak, Assasins can go crit. If lethality is super OP, some ADCs build it (MF, Varus, Jhin) All in all. I know Riot has good intentions and they want to satisfy the players, but they are doing it wrong. Making Pro play spectacular is nice, but we care more about our own games than games we watch. Having super cool champions with so many tools reached the point where playing them doesn't feel super enjoyable, because it's not anymore something special and all new champs have these kits. That actually backfired and took away the satisfaction of playing a lot of champions. I really don't feel like things will go any better and I'm sad that I'm already scared from the next new champ more than I'm excited. We need more reworks like the Nunu rework and they have to look at broken items instead of nerfing champs. Every nerf results in a new OP champ emerging. Please feel free to discuss this with me and have a nice day {{sticker:galio-happy}}
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