Again Riot's matchmaking proves they are forcing 50% winrate

Once again I did great in last games and I was close to get to plat promos. today I queue and I get complete trash players that flame, tilt and troll. They facecheck bushes in enemy jungle even if we are behind. And just now I had to dodge because we had an unranked piece of troll who just got level 30 and cant play any other role than jungle. He got mid and anyway he picked shaco jungle beside the fact we had a jungler already. I'm done with it. I played 5k hours at least and I'm still matched with unranked trash that can only play one lane and ignore completely his team. I don't want unranked players in my team. Fix the matchmaking. I want to play with people who have the same number of games played as I do or do not find games for me at all.
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