Hi all! Just wanted to start by saying I'm having a great time on my first full day on LoL boards! I really appreciate everyone who has taken the time to have a chilled and interesting disussion with me about gameplay! As I've mentioned a little, I'm very serious about pursuing a career in insights with LoL team and in gaming in general! Your contributions have been so helpful for me today! So, now for the point of this post: this is a small follow up to my post about Aftershock that I made earlier - You guys presented me with some really excellent points! The best of these was made by several people, who said that Aftershock's resist gain should be reduced by 50% on ranged champs, bringing it in line with Grasp and Conq. This would brilliantly solve the issue of ranged Aftershock mages being too hard to lock down and kill, without hurting the tanks that depend on it. A couple of you also pointed out that this would hurt Thresh and Rakan, but you also noted that that's fine since both of them are actually too good with Aftershock themselves, and both are also great with Guardian. Really fantastic stuff! So, how do we deal with Aftershock Sylas? Well, I have to pat myself on the back for this idea - *we make his auto attacks ranged* Forgive me for being so self-satisfied but this would be perfect! It would actually make a lot of sense with the chains that he lashes at people, and I don't think it would require much change to the animation - I'm picturing it now, and I think it could actually look much better and make him more fun! I'll be trying to reply to you if you'd like to discuss over the next few hours, but then I'll be done after a very long day here. Exhausted from trying to persuade people to lay down their pitchforks over the NB3 thing. Thanks again to you lovely people out there, good afternoon, good evening and goodnight! :D
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