I don't like to play Dota, but at least they know how to develop their game and make it better.

I know this post will probably get a shitton of downvotes from fanboys who won't even bother reading, but will downvote just for the title. But for those who actually decide to read, thanks i guess? I have about 100 hours on dota, but I just couldn't get used to it. I like league gameplay much more even with all its cons and downsides. But one thing I can say about my short experience with Dota is: • No crashes, no bugs, no _broken clients, launchers, friendlists, patchers, etc_.. • Extremely fast and responsive " _client_" • Extremely fast game load times (all files are preloaded) • Option to abandon game if you get an AFK (instead of being kept hostage by that one player who thinks we can win) • If you do end up with an AFK, but decide to keep playing, the game will give you a higher gold income to compensate for your disadvantage of having one less player. • Voice chat (it works believe it or not and isn't constantly filled with raging toxic kids) • No need for chat restrictions, if you are a toxic player, afker, inter you'll end up in a low priority queue with players like yourself. (You have to WIN games in low priority queue, not just play them) You're telling me that after 10 years you can't make a working, optimized client? And this: https://files.catbox.moe/gtdm2m.png You got a lot to learn Riot.
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