Don't make your champions simple and stupid

You want to make your game appealing to casual players. It does NOT mean that your champions should be stupid, plain and casual. I just seen what you did with Yorick. He is %%%%%%ed now. Stupid. Casual. Zero games in challenger. Yet Another Garen-type Champion. If I would like to play with only Garens, I would make custom games with only Garens. Guess what? I don't. And those changes for Ivern. About to make him permanently ranged. I dunno. But looks very stupid and appealing to casuals. Pathetic attempts. Ivern needs more mechanical skill and higher utility output. Higher ratios, stronger shield, more damage sources. Right now Ivern is basically useless trash because he is half-champion, without middle and late game. You tried with this stupid concept of "support jungler". Didn't work. Just wrong idea. Delete this idea and move on. Stop hanging on trash ideas.
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