Another vayne buff with a 50% change.

Earlier this year vayne got the 50% reduction on q while in R. She went from a strong lategame hypercarry into a unkillable permastealthed god champion. Then along came the rageblade nerf and the change which made her get 50% w reduction at level 16. Which didn't make a big difference due to her lategame not changing at all and the rageblade nerfs making a small decrease to her disgustingly op dps. Now the 9.15 changes are on pbe and her e bonus damage when launching a target into a wall has been increased by 50%. Another 50% change. What is with these huge number changes? Why does the number have to be so huge when it's vayne? Anyway i'm done ranting about buffing broken champs like vayne. I'm smart enough to permaban her when 9.15 hits live. But what are your thoughts on these huge buffs?
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