Need Advice From All Current League Players

I only played 2 to 3 games since the beginning of the current season. I am the kind of gamer who only plays one game at a time and only quit and move to another once I reach an advanced level in the current game. The current game I am currently playing ,about to quit, and move to another is a survival horror game called No More Room In Hell. I don't know what will be my next game but I am starting to miss MOBAs. Since there a lot of things that had changed in LOL that it feels like it is beginning to look like a whole new MOBA game, I am considering the possibility that since I'm gonna need some time getting used to LoL again, why not using this time to get used to another moba game such as Dota 2, Smite, HOTS, etc... Maybe other game than LoL would be more fun? I am confused actually so what do you guys recommend based on your current experience with LoL?
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