Autofill/offrole needs to be removed.

Yo, Autofill is top 1 the most stupidest idea from riot, it destroys every game pretty much, no competition.In every game i play i get 2-3 offrole/autofills. They all play bad obviously because they are offrole. Sometimes u get 5 main roles tho if ur lucky. Theres nothing good about autofill and so many reasons why its bad. Everyone mains ONE role. Everyone should get the role that they want not vice versa. Everyone is getting roles that they dont want. They say always in the begining of the champ select. Can i adc? can i top etc, 2-3 guys everygame. You can see ingame people failing left and right because they are offrole. Soloq has gotten to a luckQ. If u dont dodge when u got an autofill jungler u lost 80% of the time. Everything about autofill is stupid it really needs to get removed. I contacted a rioter about this and their response was : Our philosophy is that everyone should be able to play all roles at an equal skill level. So everyone should play every role and be as good at all of them. Doesnt make sense. I hate autofill i have no idea how anyone can like it.

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