Delete/Nerf/Rework Annie!

Is it just me? Or does anyone else lose his fun when playing vs Annie. It is really frustrating to play vs a champ that has a deathzone with 1025+/- range, that will kill u instantly with 2 undodgable (you can just predict it) spells unless ur mundo. Ofcourse Annie isnt the strongest champ and she is unmobile as heck. She is weak and never seen in Proplay, but she is horrorfying in soloq. She can even os targets with 150 mr, 2k+ hp, with literally no effort. Why else are people like Annie Bot in master even if they are on gold/plat lvl on every other champion. The most champions have abilities that have a balance between Damage, CC, Range, Hitbox/AOE or STS. How does Annies abilities fit in that concept? And her Combo is so damm ez to pull of and hit. There is no Counterplay besides "dont get in range of 1100 near annie". The whole champ has no counterplay. Why does this still exist in season 7???The Problem about soloq games is that they are chaotic and lag communication so that your team is an easy pray for Annie as she can punish every minor positioning mistake by simply pressing two buttons. That is not fun! Furthermore there is the Problem, that one cant really nerf her dmg without making her irrelevant and useless. But i would love to see a change to her ultimate (like a channeltime, a wind up, a charge, a delayed appearing, w/e). Not even Malphite has an instant AOE hard cc, and he is all about his ult. You can outflash or evade his ult otherwise. Annies Ult would be still a decnt ability if it wouldnt do any dmg. She already has that bear that goes insane on people and can be used as a meatshield. I dont think Annie is straight broken or completely overpowered, but in my opinion she has a really unhealthy kit and if u dont play a tank or poke mage u will have a quite unfun game vs her. -_tilted by a little girl-_
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