Question to ARAM players (Rismosch get in here)

/dev: ARAM Changes Incoming - Nexus
The Maps and Modes team has spent most of its time exploring new gameplay with modes like Star Guardian: Invasion and bringing back old favorites like One for All, but that means we haven't given ARAM as much attention as we should have.
#Disclaimer - This changes aren't final. Those will be active during the Bilgewater Event but won't stay unless the feedback is positive. Hello everyone, specifically ARAM players. I want to know your feedback on those changes. I, as a no-ARAM player, I'm really excited for those changes. It might be the thing to pull me a bit towards that gamemode. But, because I don't play ARAM, I can't fathom how disruptive those changes are (or aren't). Here is the TL;DR: * Champion Select - "Benched" champions. Whenever someone on your team roles for a different champion, the previous one will be sent to a pool of "benched" champions. With this, anyone, including the player that re-rolled, can change back to any of those champions. I mainly own melee champions, so whenever I roll something (eg rolling Olaf) I might end up with something worse (eg Udyr). This also helps when someone can't trade with me and, because of that, they reroll, even though I really wanted that champion (eg Shaco). * ARAM accounts - They are increasing the champions on Free rotation to 42. Those champions are from the 3 last rotations. I remember I stopped playing ARAM because everyone on the enemy team always seemed to have the big champions, like Ziggs or Lux, while I, and the rest of my team, were stuck with sub-optimal picks. I'm not saying the population of "ARAM only" accounts is big, but they surely exist. This also helps with the point I mentioned above about trading champions with someone else. * Tweaks to the mastery score system. Not much to argue here. This is obviously a good change, but I'm mentioning it for sake of completion. * Early game changes - They'll add Nexus Gates, like those we have on Summoner's Rift. They are also changing the early (aka unanimous) surrender to 8 minutes and the normal surrender to 12. * Dark Harvest Nerf - Like I said, I don't play ARAM often, but, whenever I do, I make sure I pick DH because I know how strong it is. I've seen some people complain about it and they're doing something about it. * Warmog removed - I remember [Rismosch]( talking about that issue here. It seems you weren't the only one :) * 3 new items - Check [Vandril]( video. Surely he'll make some for the other items. * Relic Heals - This is the one I really interested to know your opinion. This is a big change. Essentially, they are turning Relic into a pseudo redemption **for both teams**. They are also changing it from flat HP to missing HP. Those are the changes. What is your opinion on them? Are those good changes, and why? Personally, I'm really looking for the first change. I don't care about ARAM accounts, even though it was the thing that drove me away, but that's a nice change too. Dark Harvest is obviously strong, and will continue to be, but I like picking OP stuff so I'm a little sad about it.
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