Bruisers broken as %%%%....assassins useless now.

Why pick an assassin if a bruiser does the same job but doesnt die after he %%%%ed the adc in the ass ? bruisers have higher ratios, higher basedmg, more mobility and are more tanky than any assassin.... just nerf bruisers allready..... Top 1 bruisers champions that are going to rape everyone....clearly everyone. Irelia Renekton Jax Darius Reksai Hecarim Everyone of them oneshots an apc or adc in 1 combo. just like an assassin would do. but after he rape%%%%ed the apc or adc, he is still able to continue to fight, unlike, zed, shaco, or rengar for example.... is there a reason why? i guess there is.....because the dmg is currently soooooo overtuned, that everyone is able to oneshot everyone. and since bruisres are tanks with dmg,...they turned into tanks with oneshot combos. gj riot games. season 1 was more balanced than this shit.
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