Riot destroyed this game in 6 months... imo.

I used to be be a diamond who mained support and jungler, back when you actually were able to play your own game style... now you either play the enforced meta or you won't win. period. This is actually visible in any rank, everyone does the same thing in every lane and in 140 champions everyone plays the same 30 champions, not because they enjoy them better, but because it's the only way to win games. Taking a quick look at League in a nutshell: **Top Lane **- You have to go with a bruiser, doesn't matter how much you outfarm and outplay the other laner, after 40 minutes ingame, if you aren't a bruiser, you'll start losing fights. You used to be able to play champions like Heimerdinger, Taric (before rework), Pantheon, Kennen... you can't anymore. **Mid Lane** - Used to be the mage lane, it's oficially the AD assassins lane now, Zed, Yasou, Talon are the new midlaners... **Jungle** - There's no place for tanks anymore, champions like Alistar, Nautilus, Malphite used to be good junglers, now they just fall behind of again high damage champions, Graves, Kha, Shaco, Xin... because invading is the new meta. **ADC** - Are just falling behind everything, they are now only useful in late, late, late, late game, assuming you'll have enough peel to not get one shot by one of the midlaners assassins. **Supports** - Supports? What's a Support? There's no such thing anymore, let's call them the new midlaners, at level 2 a Brand with ignite can kill an ADC in pretty much 2 spells. I don't even need to get started on ignite, that only does 100 true damage at level 2 (that's about 15-20% of an ADC health), and also counters heal. LOL! We now have assassin supports, holy crap. Supporting is no longer a thing, because the only way to win a botlane now is go agressive or hug the tower and pray for late game. The new runes / masteries completely destroyed the game, masteries and runes were meant to counter your champion weaknesses, now they reinforce your champion strenghts. A quick example, if you were a support, you would probably take something that would allow you to sustain better in lane and support your ADC for longer, now you pick anything that can burst their ADC faster, than the other support can burst yours. Exausth is a thing of the pass. I get why riot is making this changes, the goal is obvious, make the game have more fights and last less, it's better for audiences. Audiences prefer seeing a botlane that's constantly fighting and haressing than a tactical game where you'r trying to outfarm and outzone the enemy lane. I get it, but the way i see it, replacing a tactical skillset by a mechanical one, in the long term will lead to people giving up on the game, it's no longer about who can play the game better, it's about who can click faster. Just my opinion :)
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