Rant about the state of the game(mostly ranked)

As a long time League player and consumer of Riot`s content I feel a bit annoyed due to the state of the game. The game I loved turned into nothing but frustration and annoyance. Nowdays, i had hardly played because getting into a game is not competitive anymore. Doesn't matter if i climb or not the games feel the same at every rankes with slightly better or worse averages. I don't have the same experience with the competitive nature of league what i had fall in love with, let me explain: I loved to play league of legends and i was inspired to improve and get better. My highest rating was plat5 during season5 and my lowest was bronze2 at the end of season4 after i started to play ranked. Improving and be competitive in league was awesome. When i improved something about my gameplay instantly started to win more games but it fast started to even out because as i gained elo people got better so i had to improve again something, I loved watching educational league content on Youtube or LCS games on Twitch to learn more about the game. I was hooked for sure. However, the game changed and the competitive nature of the game got changed to more causal. Riot said they wanted normal players to start playing ranked, but these normal players felt the game is too toxic and unfun for them so they preferred playing with their friends and so on in normal games where people less competitive and less toxic. And the game changed forever, for me, for the worse. The meaning of the game turned into more about "teamwork" and "teamplay" and "fun" instead of improving ones own knowledge and skill in a highly competitive environment. The quantity of your games matter more than the quality of your games, you can climb with a negative winratio because of the free win pomos (oh by for causal players it was still unfun so they stopped playing) Watching LCS became boring to me and by now i stopped watching it completely. watching streams is hard, i see people in higher ranks feed and play poorly in every level of play("like boosted monkeys"). Honestly, playing ranked starts to feel just like normals 4 years ago( when i was playing in the same game with anything between silver and low diamond" it was honestly a bad experience but it was risk free of losing rank. Now playing rank is the same experience like normals but with the risk of losing elo. Riot is trying to fix our/(my) problems with introducing things i had never asked for, i dont want a split role ranked system, i never wanted dynamic queue, and riot artifically trying to create balance in players by introducing comeback mechanics and forcing s certain strategies that was never needed before. Because there used to be balance between the players in a certain elo, People used to feed, but they fast became bronze maybe u had a hard feeder in your team but it was one game and that player fell down fast. Ranked means nothing, its just like normals with more frustration and annoyance. How do you balance a game(gameplay wise) when silver to plat in terms of skill plays in the same ranked game?? You can`t !
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