Champion Diversity.

Can we address this issue? No matter what patch, what season, the champion diversity in league is ridiculously small. Lately, when I play midlane, I run into either zed or lux, that's about 70% of the games. Bot lane? Ezreal or Jhin. Etc. Why are people encouraged to only play things that are 'meta' or 'overpowered' It makes for such a dull gaming experience when you run into the same opponents every single game, just because a particular build, or a particular combo is overpowered. And there are champions who are repeatedly put into this state. The likes of zed, yi, ezreal, are always popular champions, ones that have solid play and winrates across divisions, but yet riot doesnt touch them, and graves is still horrendously broken, yet he remains in this state. Take zed, preseason changes buffed him, and duskblade became core. He has free, longrange poke, a ton of mobility and utility, and a ton of damage. Take someone like talon, who recently came back into the spotlight for similar reasons, and then was instantly toned down because he was 'anti-fun' and people complained. Personally, I like champions that are a bit different, Zyra mid, Quinn top, etc etc, but yet I get a lot of hate for playing these because I dont pick something thats 'op', but yet there arent enough bans/you dont get to ban often enough to stop a lot of the offenders. The same champions are played in so many games that its just dull. I cant even think of how many games I've had shyvana/xin/udyr as my jungler lately. And the problem is that people will only play these while they have these absurd winrates, thinking they're really good at the game etc, when in reality a lot of it is down to the fact that they're abusing something that has a higher chance of winning that others. I like to play champions that I enjoy, not just with the aim of winning (Not that i actively try to lose of course), and it both annoys and upsets me that people actually report/flame you etc for playing something you ENJOY playing, rather than something that will win you games.
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