Give Diana some Love =_=

Diana is probably my favorite champion at the moment and i mainly play her in solo/duoq BUT in the last two weeks i have been noticing diana bugs happening more and more frequently and right now it is such a pain that i refuse to play her. How come that diana is getting treated like some pile of trash? Why wont you fix ANY of her bugs? The Q hitbox is completely out of control, when you think you hit someone your q just passes through them.. *clap* *clap* much wow. Sometimes the enemies keep the q passive after you ulted them which is very very confusing. The q even travels differently each time you use it and is all in all a complete mess. Your e has a new feature that knocks enemies further away than they initially were. (this happens atleast 10 times each game very nice) The ultimate has also a nice feature that will not give you your reset if you ult enemies while standing next to them directly after you hit your q. It has been more than two weeks that most of these bugs happened and yet im here posting this.. Why does Diana receive no love from her creators? ;_;
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