Prestige Updates

Prestige Updates
TLDR: We're sharing the list of champions receiving Prestige Edition skins through the end of the year. We're working on stuff that'll cost fewer than 100 Prestige Points. All Event Prestige skins released in 2020 will be available for Prestige Points at the end of next year. Hey everyone!
So I've read this topic a few days ago about the upcoming prestige updates and I've got a few things to say about it. Firstly, I think it's a nice idea to introduce some exclusive things that can be bought with lower prestige point prices; this way, almost anyone can get something out of the points, especially considering that the 10-year-anniversary missions award 25 prestige points. However, I have one big issue with these updates. Riot says that starting from 2020 they will make the prestige edition skins released during events throughout the year available again at the end of the year, but that they will NOT do this this year, 2019. Why? Like.., why? First of all, their reasoning is that players who expected that those skins will only be available for purchase with tokens will be disappointed. HOW? It literally makes no sense. I have 3 prestige edition skins, including Akali, which was released during an event. I wouldn't be mad or disappointed AT ALL if other players would be able to get this skin without grinding, but with 100 prestige tokens. Like, seriously, why not give the playerbase a second chance to buy a cool skin for the champions they love. Take my example. I am crazy about Lux. When I found out a prestige edition skin was going to be released for her, I was so excited to start grinding for it. Unfortunately, it was released right during my exams and I had no actual possible time to get it. Therefore, why not give the people who want a skin SO BAD but had no actual physical time to grind for it at the time of its release a second chance to get it? Why would anyone be mad or disappointed that someone else can get a skin that they grinded for through another way. And if we take it by their judgement, players can be disappointed that you can buy project orbs or lunar revel orbs for a second time too, since it's the same situation as the skins, and yet Riot is making these available for purchase through prestige points. We all have a chapion or more that we absolutely love playing, why cut us the opportunity to get a really cool skin from the prestige line this year by offering us a second chance, but from 2020 allowing them to be bought a second time? I really want to get this Lux skin and I literally have no actual way to do it, unless they decide to be reasonable and add the skins back at the end of the year. I'm sorry if my judgement is misplaced or wrong, but this is just what I think. Thank you!
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