Do something about draven

Okay..Current itemization has totally broken Draven. In semi-capable hands he can do wonders you could not even imagine. His early game starts with poking you untill you can no longer farm without getting 130s hits on ur face...So basically you wait for the jungler right??? Farming and farming untill the wild jungler appears. Draven ALWAYS manages to get a kill or two before dying, especially if he is covered by enchanters like janna, taric, or lulu.THEN when you believe you made some progress killing him he returns with a Death's Dance and a dagger and while trying to figure out where the HECK he got that much gold you remember he has the "supposedly" nerfed passive that punishes you even further for allowing him to kill someone...After that ganks are Draven's wet dream cuz its always an extra kill or two for him ( even if he goes down), buys a stattik shiv ot a Phantom dancer and the game is over for the enemy team...Not to mention that he can melt tanks with 5-6 auto attacks while healing like a BTC and getting a free 30% damage reduction from DD (Yes bleed counts as damage reduction bcs he has the chance to regain health through lifesteal)...Okay he doesn't always win matches but he DEFINITELY wreaks havoc before losing... He's like a kogmaw with Botrk and rageblade, but even worse ( at leasy kog is vulnerable to ganks)... Maybe the problem is me, I'm not sure, but I cany enjoy playing against him...Ever.
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