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As you can see by my "icon", i was a Dominion mode casual player. I saw riot lie to everyone, saying queues were gigantic and the mode was filled with "bots", yet i played it everyday...and it was a lie. Now i see riot saying they are "sad" about removing Twisted Treeline. Sad? lies...i bet they have a boner in seeing our "homes" removed from the game. "Definetely NOT Dominion" replaced my "home" The name itself is mocking "us" dominion players. "AH-AH, you suck! Dominion player! AH! Not worthy of having it in the game! Instead you have DEFINETELY NOT Dominion" Never forget. I was mocked and made fun of for being a Dominion player. Another thing on my mind. How many times did a "rework" ruined your character? Karma was a goddess pre rework Galio was my main...and i saw my playstyle "die" Instead of reworks they could have made new champions and keep the old playstyles people grew up with. RIP Oldschool {{champion:3}} {{champion:43}} Open your heart and tell us how you feel about riot {{sticker:galio-happy}} (Im happy about the announcement of the new games though)
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