Can we talk about Sona?

Can we talk about Sona? I think Sona is one of the most "problematic" champions at the moment and in dire need for a rework; What do we see with most champion reworks, new champions and other updates? We see that champions are made to be more reliant on skill(shots) and reward players for being able to properly chain their abilities. In general, skillshots are more powerful and hittinig many different skillshots in a row often is extremely rewarding... ...Then there is Sona. Sona has 3 skills that have decent range and are not even click-to-aim, they are actually auto-aiming for you. Not only that, these abilities do not have the weakness normally seen in extremely easy to hit spells. So the discussion is: Does Sona have too much power for auto-aiming abilities and/or does this extremely easy and passive playstyle fit in modern League of Legends?

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