Can there be a system for players to gain/lose LP based on their game performence or KDA?

I think if people would know that they will get more LP if they are scoring and S in the game people might try harder and that can also work the other way around where people can lose more LP based on their really really bad KDA people might stop making really really bad decisions inside game. It can be a better system than the current MMR system which award LP to the players based on their momentum (People who are on a winning streak hence high MMR gets rewarded more LP and People who are losing more hence low MMR gain Less LP even if they hard carry). Even in gold 4 MMR I'm losing more LP than I'm gaining and since the game in gold MMR are laughable cause of player skills It is an actual coin flip that decides who win. Most of the gold games are decided on whether a team gets a troll or not people are not even trying and making horrible decisions and saying stuff like KDA doesn't matter. Well it will matter if people are getting more or less LP on there performances. It will motivate people to make better decision and make sure to involve more team play in their game. Even though the current MMR system is not bad it does seem like the performance of an individual player doesn't matter and the game is completely depended on team play it's hard for players such as myself who are new to the game and are in roaming in gold and plat elo to gather more motivation and actually try to improve our gameplay. Peace out Vorendier.
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