Flex que is just bad and broken

So im doing some flex que for fun and as far as i saw: Match making is wayy worse than blind pick. I found plat players in the enemy team playing in mine vs silver 3/4 and ofc my team jsut got stomped. People trolling and picking items/champs in the wrong roles. The worst thing is the match making that is just unbalanced. I always find either in my team(rarely) or in the enemy team higher people than my team, its either plat vs bronze or high gold vs bronze and this pisses me off. I got a bronze 5 adc vs a g1 vayne. guess what? 20 kills vayne. can someone tell me if is this on purpose? I cant have a fkn normal game without trollers and stomp shitters in the enemy team getting so fed because my team is a bunch of bronzers vs higher people
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