So this just happened...

My last match... I played katarina bottom lane... (yeah yeah, not meta pick report pls noob). So it was awful as hell. We got constantly ganked by enemies' Katarina, Twisted Fate. Game was really bad and enemies were so much a head. My teammates refused to play it safe and just kept dying. Fortunately Jax and I farmed up and while I was defending, he was split pushing. We turned it slowly around. We took 4 dragons (enemies had 0) and I stopped enemies from taking baron (we got aced, but at least they didn't take baron and had to recall to defend base from super minions). Allied Azir was verbally harassing me since early game, then after apparently "kill stealing" Jayce (by doing well over 500 damage to enemy) he started flaming me as well. They asked enemies to report me, so I ignored them. After game they flamed me more, reported me (got warning) and said I was flaming. Which was false. Now I was NOT quiet, but I did NOT flame. I just asked them to group, asked them to stop solo overextending (Azir 6-16 score from just pushing mid lane until he died). Jayce the same thing, he started spamming surrender votes, luckily Jax and I voted no, so they failed. Eventually me and Jax carried the game and we won, after being picked on by enemies' who were a head in early game. If I get punished for teaching these trolls, not to overextend and to place a few wards, then IDK Riot, screw you.
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