TFT Cho'Gath

Are you going to do something in the next patch with Cho 'Gath? In my opinion, something is working incorrectly for him. Under the void buff, it hits with pure damage, its ability in TFT has one of the largest radii and damage, plus it has control. Now, almost everyone prefers to combine buff voids with other heroes, one of the most popular is BRAWLER and SORCERER, and if you put an item in Cho that will make him SORCERER, then in the end he will simply kill everyone with his abilities. In my opinion, the idea was originally different, but because of its damage and radius of ability, it literally acts as Carry. Maybe you should reduce the damage of his ability, or at least the radius? Here is an example of one of my games where the dude just collected Cho of the second level, put all the items that increase the damage from abilities into it, and won me. Moreover, he could not stand against me, and in a way he lost to me, but when his Cho used the ability, he literally deleted almost all of my heroes XD In fact, I do not think this is some kind of bug, it just seems to me that he needs to slightly reduce the damage from the ability. And sorry for my English, this is not my native language.

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