Why League of Legends is REALLY dying

in Sun Tzu, The Art of War, there is a saying “If you know the enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the result of a hundred battles. If you know yourself but not the enemy, for every victory gained you will also suffer a defeat.” it has not only become INCREASINGLY difficult to not only master a champion(s) you want to main but keep a track of whatever your enemy is doing. It's EXTREMELY VITAL for a competitive game to players know what the %%%% is happening%%%%the game. It used to take just a couple of games to get truly a grasp of champions potential in old games, that had an appeal. People wanted to try out new champions and what worked best, not force main whatever is currently the meta. Sion rework was a massive blunder that took ages to balance/relearn and the guy is still largely a mystery to many and now even less played than Sion before. Talon rework... happened for no god damn reason and completely ruined his viability in game. Katarina is... what is she even now? She keeps CONTINUOUSLY BLINKING all the freakin time, even without scoring a kill. IN battle she could have 10 daggers on the ground constantly blinking back and forward. But then you pick someone with initiate and she's suddenly useless. Her old kits biggest strength was to iniate and suddenly she's shreading those that were supposed to be hard counters, where she suddenly starts losing to all sort of weird shit. There's this new champion with (haven't even bothered to learn the name) double jump, invisibility and ultimate that stuns everyone on the wall. There is just too much complex shit thrown at us all the time. Now it takes like 2-3 patches worth of time to play new champ and somehow get good on any champion... by playing them nonstop. Also game has increasingly started rewarding bad players. You no longer suffer as massive losses as before. People are easier to get back so those snowball lategame champions basically became the meta of the day with maybe 1 early game on your team max. Taking dragon is now super risky and most passive team wins. Just because everything does so much damage now. This game has started rewarding LACK OF EFFORT more than actual risk taking. There's so many times I get shot from half health from what could have previous seasons been impossibility. I don't remember ADC 1 shotting me from 50% with having coulpe of armor runes, no matter how hard they got fed, now everything is just ridiculous. Now lets try fight Pyke. Can't chase. Can't really keep distance either because of hook. He's almost impossible to kill if you don't do it early and many times over. Then champion like who actually took skill to aim and spells weren't nearly as strogn like Bard is totally useless, thanks for that Riot. Shaco that for was so %%%%ing hard to deal with from early to late game. And now he %%%%ing 1 %%%%s from half the health because all of the stupid runes. %%%%ryone is saying the previous season was WORST SEASON EVER and it was all because of how stupidly broken the damage was, how the game suddenly became something that it wasn't... Just why...??? It's been like 1000 %%%%ing games and you know how often I feel like the game is on even ground and wh%%%%the actual combat matters? I had ONE %%%%ing game, in all 1000 games I've played (the most recent one) where I'm vs Jin%%%%th us both 10-15% in middle lane, and in that 1 %%%%ing game there was 1 %%%%ing even when skill actually mattered and the fact I was able t%%%%edict enemy. This %%%%%%%ing %%%%%%ed. Why are you obfuscating the game into some sort of meaningless all the tim%%%%ho a%%%%%% making this game for? The competitive scene is dead boring ever since being able to make risks has been damaged so much. It's like you're determined to make this game a frustrating mess to understand and comprehend just so people could be amazed at E-Sports? There was a recent interview from Riot Games and most of the developers don't even play the game anymore, I guess we found the culprit. Why don't you let the Community to take charge of game development when you're doing such abysmal job of it? Like I'm so frustrated and tired of this constant BS from every champion. When game starts I have no freaking clue who got countered by whom and what should I look out for, game has become increasingly unpredictable, on a BAD WAY. Risks are basically worthless and game has started rewarding mindless lane pushers... because teamfighting is I guess the boring aspect of the game.... Like... I'm so baffled... you really have no clue have you? Game is ALL about making sweet plays, 1v1 fights that last longer than 1 second, people diving in and getting a killl on a fed enemy who was mispositioned. All of the support boosts have made it pretty much impossible to take down any non-braindead enemy if coupled by support. It's like you're trying SO HARD to be the next Heroes of the Storm, you know what happened to that game right? I mean you do know what the direction of the company is heading towards? Is nobody even raising concerns in Riot? --- Like I guess it's too late to change direction, after all Riot has been doing this shit ever since season 4-5 where newer champions just started replacing older champions with "more skill demanding gameplay" where in reality they just took over as better versions of the old ones. Like what exact difference is there between Diana and Leblanc, other than Leblancs double jump? The burst is about the same and survivability is maybe tiny bit on advance of Diana, but so what? Leblanc has fake clone and invisibility so she'll never get actually bursted by strong combo. --- Like what was the point of reworking Ryze for the 9135th time? He was completely fine when he had the ultimate that just boosted his abilities and gave them AoE... now he just teleports....but why? Are you planning to make some weird nunu ult combo team where enemy has no chance to react instant teleport 10k burst team combo? No? Then why %%%%ing do it? Why are you making this game so freakin hard for no apparent reason? You're not enjoying the redesigns, the champions actually get played L%%%%not more. There used to be a TON of Gangplank mains before rework, now I don't see A SINGLE ONE, I used to main Galio as my 2-3rd most played and I was Diamond 1, now I don't even bother to touch him. Katarina? Yeah I have no %%%%ing way to play her as her current kit stands. Akali? Not a %%%%ing chance, she's horrible after nerfs and reworks. Zed? Also sucks unless you're Master players stuck i%%%%atinum. BUT HEY, CAITLYN CAN 2 SHOT WITH TRAP HOOKSHOT %%%%THAT'S COMPLETELY FINE, THERE'S NO NEED TO CHANGE ANYTHING. Like.... why are you trying to shape the game to fit some stupid tournament scene for no reason? It's like someone designed a sport purely based on some 90k costing gear that nobody outside special clubs could participate and then only from those few they actually got enough practise to actually understand what the %%%% is happening.... and you expect US to care about this? HOW? STOP OBFUSCATING THE GAME, make the game simple again. Revert all these rediculous reworks. Remove Trinkets also since it screwed the aggressive play of junglers and roams. Just revert everything back to old season 4 or 5 even... 90% of playerbase would immediately jump to some private server where they would just revert back to the old good seasons and not this you've won/loss based of purely by whatever is currently strong and who got countered. It's so rediculous.
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