Games are way too fast?..

After reading the changes for 5.22, I realised that games would be faster but this seems quite ridiculous. The past 5-6 games I've had, one of the teams has been at the enemy nexus or with at least 2 inhibs down before the 20 minute mark. The issue I have in my mind is... late game champions. Do they exist any more? Every game I've had this season, people have finished with 2-3 items and there hasn't been a late game. Pretty much every game has finished without baron and with only 1-2 dragons taken. It feels like the games are ending so fast that it's cutting out half the game entirely. Contesting dragons/barons, clearing up wards ready for the next fight, holding the game so your late game champions can scale up but alls I see is Lee Sin in every game, ADCs doing ridiculous damage and the game ending stupidly fast. This isn't a moaning post, it's more of a confused post and I want to see if other people have found the exact same to what I'm seeing. Have you seen any late game champions played this season?
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