So, what are we going to do about accounts boosting in the next season?

Seriously now. The Riot team needs to think about a solution related to this issue. Low tier divisions (Bronze - Gold) are infernal to play right now. There is no fun at all in this League of Legends experience. Players that boost on accounts found that they can act foolishly about their boosting, just like they don't know what you are talking about when you are naming them. Asking normal silver questions "what are you talking about?" and "who, me?" or just "I don't think he is a booster", do not cover up your play style and your play around the map whatsoever. I was thinking that maybe a report option for boosting or smurfing in the next season would become very helpful to balance out the game. At the moment, I don't really know if the cheating report option is really useful at all, to be honest. And one more thing, Why do the replay save option says "this replay has expired" when you click on it? (maybe you have some strong evidence and you are not a streamer or you do not record each of your games)
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