OP.GG doesn't have enough sample data for Udyr and Urgot

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I used to be an Udyr main in 2015. Then after 3 nerfs in a row he became unviable. Currently, he, Volibear and Urgot are the only champions who have no data on op.gg. This should tell something about whether he needs tweaking. If a champ isn't viable for every tier, something is wrong (there is a difference between being meta (Heca, Shaco, Elise) and being viable at all). I love Udyr, but I can't play him anymore. He used to be like Jax, a strong duelist, a bruiser. Now, I can build something that is either a squishy damage dealer or something that is a damageless tank. Come on Riot, give him some love, please! P.S. I am welcoming any suggestions to make Godyr great again from fellow players. Post what you build and what gives you successful games.
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