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Hi guys, I just wanted to talk to you and riot about the current state of the game. So I know that preseason is supposed to be the time where we get to test all new sorts of runes and champions, but I've participated in 3 preseasons now but this patch makes me want to rip the hair of my head and I'm not even joking. I love what Riot is doing and I love their game I love everything about it, but why did they change so little in patch 7.23? I feel like there are so much things that are either insanely overpowered or insanely underpowered. For example support mages which are super strong against ADC's right now because if they want magic resist they need to sacrifice super powerfull runes for the resolve tree. (Because old runes got retired) Xin zhao and Malzahar who are very strong in 2 roles at the same time. Kleptomancy gangplank who gets trinity force at 8 minutes (in my games atleast) My rant is over now but I hope you guys get my point and I just want clarification by Riot since I think my gameplay expirience took a major hit since the changes.
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