High Elo Teams getting screwed

So... me and my mates range from Plat II to diamond IV. In the past, we enjoyed a good amount of Ranked Teams, where we could measure ourselves against others and try to grow as a team. Right when we were cruising through Platinum on Ranked Teams, the system was removed and Dynamic Queue was introduced. Fine, we will play Dynamic Queue then. Then came the elo restrictions, where diamonds were no longer allowed to queue with the lower plat players. Fine, we stepped up our game and hit Plat II (reached it today actually). Then came the ranked restrictions, making diamond players unable to play with more then 2 premade. Now what is left? Our team wants to compete in tournaments, but we have no oppurtunities to practice. In normals, we stomp nearly every game when we "tryhard" and we can find little opposition. Normals are all about having fun and trying/mastering champions, but it's not for people who want to grow as a team. So..... Is Riot going to bring back Ranked Teams? Or are they going to create a platform that stimulates scrimming between higher elo teams? I would like an answer before sunday, we want to compete in the ESL Go4Lol...
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