30 games and I am done - thanks to feeders

I quit hots after playing 5k+ games because it only made me feel like i was watching a cutsene. LoL is even worse.. first 10 games: afkers everywhere following 20 games: feeders everywhere. I am doing a great job in my lane, one specific enemy champion comes and totaly annihilates me. I check stats and realize that one of my team mate fed him 10 times.. in 15 minutes. How damn hard is it to stay under tower and only earn exp and let friends carry you if you already die 10 times in 15 mins? I got 6-7 loses today, each of them we had a early game feeder, enemy had a smurf. I got several wins yesterday, each of them enemy had an early game feeder. 30 lvl = approx 100 games.. even more Your telling me to wait until lvl 30 is like "dude, you need to get f*d 100 times in order to have a good relationship"..... I am seriously bored, driven to toxic as i have never been before. I am done in 30 games. I want to play a game where best player makes the diference, not the worst one.... Good luck people, have fun.
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