zoe's blancing problems / suggestion

As zoe main i have to say that the champion might not be easy to play but if u can play the champ, there is almost nothing as rewarding as zoe. Right now zoe is not balanced at all and i was thinking about what the problem could be. I personally think that her w and r making her an unblanced champion. Let me explain. Due to the lack of mobility zoe has her r to have a high range. But her r doesnt deal any damage. On the otherside her w has some damage (passive) and if u take ignite u deal even more damage, but the very important point here is, that her w is not consistent. That means the only two consistent damage spells are her e and q. Yet this makes it almost impossible to nerf the q or e, cause then she would be literally trash. Nerfing her q = no waveclear, nerfing her e = no thread to engage her. So what zoe needs is a real w spell (should be something which can waveclear). With that Riot could nerf her q (higher cd and less damage) and zoe could still survive the laning phase since she has another spell to clear the minions. Her unique spell thieves should be her passive and the passive right now would be deleted. Tell me what u think about that. I personally just think there should be no champion (unless its a support and so has high utility) which has only two damage sources. p.s. think about Xerath and lux would only have their q and e to deal damage. I guess they would be completly garbage or super op.
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