Is this Pyke really a support? His skillset and dmg is ridiculous for a support...

Ok, now I haven't played against Pyke... but I am REALLY not a fan of continuous ults... I mean, Darius' ult has no business being on 0 CD when you kill someone... it's true dmg and it's OP as it is... from what I've seen Pyke's ult is pretty much Darius' ult on a pretty mobile support... I went and saw some vids of Pyke by pro players to get an idea of what they're doing with him... after seeing Bunny Fu Fu get 40-something kills with him and doing quadra kills and pentakills as a support I am really concerned... I hate the idea of a champion doing a pentakill by simply pressing R 5 times... not to mention he has invisibility skill, a good AoE stun and his other skill is purely dmg I think... ok, if I'm wrong somewhere correct me... but I think this skillset is just obnoxious and the problem is that there are TOO MANY CHAMPS!!! We have 140 champs... RIOT is naturally running out of ideas... STOP MAKING NEW CHAMPS!!! JUST STOP... this game doesn't have space for any new champs... 140 is ENOUGH!!! If you force new champs in the game all the time you're gonna end up with all kinds of OP crap that you won't be able to fix later... because now Pyke is out... let's say people think he's completely ridiculously OP... the problems are... 1. You can't take him out of the game because people have bought him and paid good money for him 2. You can't completely rework him because he's been out only a little time 3. You can only run his skills to the ground... but that would make his skills useless and would make the champ bad... So, you're basically stuck... and that's because you made the initial mistake of bringing a not well thought champ out... so RIOT stop bringing out more champs... we have enough... I mean for example I play ADC... so, I can choose... 1. Ashe 2.Caitlyn 3.Jinx 4.Lucian 5. Miss Fortune 6. Kai'Sa 7. Ezreal 8. Vayne 9. Varus 10. Sivir 11. Tristana 12. Kalista 13. Kog'Maw 14.Twitch 15. Xayah 16. Jhin 17. Draven 18. Quinn (I don't know why the numbers went all wacky... I numbered them correctly... but anyway...) I have almost 20 different champs that can play ONLY MY ROLE... if a player thinks that 20 different champs are not enough to be able to pick one to play then something's wrong with him... there has to be an end game RIOT... you have to settle on a number of champs and then work to balance the game... enough with the new champs... the game DOESN'T NEED ANY MORE CHAMPS!!!
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