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Twice in a row afk adc after buying the upgraded supp item that i need 2 sell cause is useless (spellthiefs and is line) and need 2 farm 1v2 when i rarely know how 2 farm…… 1st remove the condition of near ally after completing the quest (from both ancient coin and spellthiefs) cause makes the support being more and more dependent of others even in late game i'm feeling like an adc pet…. that he can flames and put all the guilty if the lane is lost. 2nd spellthief's is a bullshit now cause has 2 conditions until complete and remove the charges of gold even if an ally is not near you, even with that in my elo bot is a second mid lane full of mages… 3rd On my elo is like the bot lane that wins the lane wins the game 4th thank god were normal games (I mean not raked, cause they should be called anormal games) but twice in a row made me tilted and just because someone used the frostmancy in top i need 2 pay for that 2, why? {{sticker:sg-janna}}

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