Banned for inting as a beginner

Dont ask me why but i decided to start a fresh account. And i decided to act like a complete beginner. I would not straight up run it down. But i would act like i never played a MOBA before or have any sort of clue. Such as standing in a middle of a wave farming until i realise i took huge damage. Problem is, first game i went into - besides me there was 8 smurfs and 1 beginner. I went something like 0/13/2 which im sure any other completely fresh player would under these circumstances. Guess what happened next - I got a 2 week ban for intentional feeding. Keep in mind, this was the first game on a completely fresh account. Which leads me to think how unfriendly this game has to be for new players. If youre expected to do alright against obvious experienced players. I can say for 100% sure that if i where a genuienly new player i would have uninstalled immediately just based on the harsh conditions ingame and what not.
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