Renekton needs help.

I wanna know why Renekton is the only champ in the top lane that didn’t got a single buff after 15 patches, not to mention the buff that was 15 patches ago (V8.18) was to his empowered E armor reduction and damage which nobody actually uses in a fight because like 90% of Renekton’s damage comes from his W, so the only actual buff was LITERALLY 29 PATCHES AGO, where you buffed his Q (V8.4). Ok so the only buff Renekton got was 29 patches ago (more than a year). So Conqueror now revolves PERFECTLY around Riven’s kit, Jax’s, Olaf’s, Hecarim’s, Urgot’s, Dr. Mundo’s. (And btw, all of these champions outscale Renekton no matter how good he does in lane). Not to mention all of these champs are A-S+ tier right now while Renekton being D tier and sits around 47-48%, and his winrate stays the same even based on game-time (HE DOESNT SCALE). Not to mention the rest of the god-tier champions right now that are ranged (Kayle, Kennen, Vayne, Neeko, Teemo) (did I mention all of those ranged champions outscale Renekton aswell?) Literally every single champion I mentioned is a counterpick to Renekton, ofc, Riven is a skill matchup, but still she can easily outplay Renekton and mostly in low elo people that doesn’t master Riven lose to him. My point is, PLEASE, buff Renekton, He has no actual good keystone that he can use to both win lane and scale into late game, because his late game is so terrible with this tank meta and bruisers that can abuse conqueror. I hope my ticket will actually might change anything about Renekton. Platinum 3 Renekton in Euw. EDIT - he's finally getting a buff in 9.8 :D
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