Season 10 Placements are an Issue to complain about.

Alright, so after 5 years playing league i have seen it all in the ranked placements game, i've seen riot put platinum players in silver 4/5(myself included) during season 7, i've seen them make the players play 1 more placement the next day after all the bs that same year, only to be placed at the same exact rank i was the day before, when i had went up to silver 2 in 1 day. I've seen them get almost every single player to silver/bronze no matter the elo in season 8, and i've seen them do it somewhat decent in season 9 when almost every player i knew was 2 to 4 leagues under their previous rank. Then why does it seem so bad this season, when we are just like every other season except S9? Well, every single season, no matter your ranked placements, even if you went 0/10 you would get 27+ lp per win, and lose 8/9 lp per lose, and after some games, if you had a win streak you were getting 30+lp and sometimes skipping promos and leagues. This season i got placed in gold 3 going 7-3, starting at silver 1 after winning the first game, when last season i ended in plat 3 78 lp and got to diamond promos 3 times. That annoyed me, but well i was gonna get 30+ lp per win i thought. Yeah I gotta admit i was wrong, and almost every league player was too, cause everyone that wasnt master or higher last season like streamers and pro players, is getting 20-22 lp per win, and losing 14-15 lp per lose. I dont know what the hell even made riot make it so damn bad this year with placement games, but for real, the only thing i get from these games is "you are exactly like last season in November, just with 300 games less, and 1 whole tier behind". I was hoping for Diamond this season, like many players, that were probably thinking of ranking up 1 tier during S10, but this completely demolishes any motivation I had for the game during season 10. I just feel that the players are gonna be forced to play 1000 games just to get a little bit higher than before, because if this keeps the same path as it has always done with mmr, in less than a month a lot of players will be getting 15/16 lp. I dont think I've ever used the forums, because I've been playing this game for so long that i already know riot never fixes anything that the players like (except rengar rework maybe), and not even the tank,ardent,assassin, or no adc meta were enough to do so(being an adc main), but this really is something to complain about.
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