The mm strikes again.

Wining Streak. And then MM happens: Game 1: "Dont play yasuo top into pantheon i say. He will push u in early game and make the mid game living hell for the rest of the team" i say. "STFU bronze" - He says. Pantheon destroys him early, makes mid a living hell for us. We lose. Game 2: "Don't play Draven bot, he is only good if u stomp early game which u wont because of enemy lulu, rest of the game he does insignificant dmg compared to other meta adc's like Varus /Trist/Kog and they have to much tanks." i say. "We have a meta expert i see, can u shut the f up and play" - He says. Loses early game to MF, loses mid game to mf. Late game does absolutely nothing vs their front line. We lose. Im scared to que again. Literally scared.
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