Why Can't I Play My Favourite Champ? Why Do I have To play OPs To Even Have Fun In This Game :(

I was banned for 14 days. They nerfed StormRazor. Camille E don't stun Jungle camps anymore. GP Q Nerf. Conqueror OP (No Tanks). Nerfed Jungle EXP. Minion EXP broken. Dark Harvest Karthus. Conqueror Yi. Conqueror Shyvana. Conqueror .......... . Hail of blades Xin zhao. IDK dude don't feel like playing is fun anymore. Just queue up ban OPs can't ban them all. Yasuo or Nasus on enemy team. Bronze ADC ( Broken Matchmaking). I can't just pick Graves, I can't pick GP top, Camille jg or top, Khazix and Rengar < Karthus? ETC. Just this game is IDK. Who is even playing this kinda game. How are people still having fun playing this game. How, Why? Why would anyone play this game. And no one even saying anything about how OPs are ruining this game. Pro Play is done. Feel like Faker is just forced to play Lissandra every single game? Why is wrong with Riot's Design team how can they be so delusional that don't see that every 3rd Post on boards is about people quitting this game. How are they so blind that they don't see that no streamer NA, EU or Korean is having fun playing this game. Everyone is just complaining. Just why....... Why don't you guys understand OP champs should not exist in the game. People want to play the game their way. Why are you stupidly designing the game in such bad way that everyone now is just hating on this game. Why? You own this game Riot, But it's not your game. It's our game, it's players' game. Stop doing this. Stop ruining it.
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