If you could have one champion reverted (if more than one state which version) which would you pick?

Hi Guys, Simple question who would you lot like to see reverted if you could revert one champion of your choice. Obviously if there has been more than 1 rework *cough* {{champion:13}} *cough*, *cough* {{champion:8}} *cough* which version? For me it is quite tough; however I would probably have to say {{champion:39}}. I really enjoyed old Irelia and yes i get it she is all point and click how boring, but at least its more than 1 button used and walking around.... *cough* {{champion:27}} *cough*. I enjoyed her 1v1 and laning potential & the outplay potential she brought. However I do like this one more, its just this one is just as hard to balance by the looks of it but there's more stuff to touch lol
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