idk how this system works but it feels like its impossible to climb further after you get to diamond 5 nowdays. Iwent on a 10 games winning streak, MMR dropped and i was gaining less lp with each win and after i lost one game afterwards, i lost ~22, while winning granted ~18 Went on a losing streak and MMR dropped too. Was losing 20 and getting 18 LP and after 8 game loss streak, wins - 15, loss - 25. Like how da fuq ur supposed to climb if you lose mmr either way. i remember going on a 14 game win streak and mmr dropped as if i lost 14, how are you legimately supposed to gain elo in diamond 5, to be able to get equal 20 per win and per loss ? Alright ppl mumbling about (duh ye know your mmr doesn't adapt if you go on ur winning streak and so u lose more cause mmr thinks you just had lucky teams) well why the fck this doesnt happen when i go on losing streak ? why mmr doesnt consider i got bad teams ? fck no it only tanks you on success, wont be vice versa on in bad times... fix your shit riot
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