yep. Rito is riggin the matchmaking and that's 100% proven.

I just had once again the proof that riot is rigging matchmaking. After the pathetic team I got yesterday, I had one more bunch of uncarryable idiots. As soon as I got lvl2, I ganked bot and attacked the support because the adc was out of reach. But kalista wanted to duel with lucian. Of course she fed. I had to retreat. 1-0 for them. Then I come to gank mid. Vi is in our jungle, that's a free kill. leblanc comes to attack her, we purse. I ping multiple times that I'm going after her and... Leblanc RUNS AWAY WITH 100% HP. Fizz and vi can now 2vs me. Good job lb! 2-0 for them. Now it's time for top to give a kill, well, why not feed all lanes, right rito? 3-0 for them. Thankfully garen overstays and I gank him, Irelia gets a kill. 3-1. When I was top, vi steal blue, bot didnt even try to stop her. THEN they give a double kill to lucian. AND their tower. Irelia double kill 6-3. 2nd kill for garen, 4th kill for lucian. I kill lucian but... NAMI FKN KS. SHE LITTERALY DID NOTHING IN THE FIGHT EXCEPT LAST HIT. kalista kills fizz (woooowww) 8-5 Im starting to get really pissed. I wanted to go red kayn but since I get blue first and game is pretty much over, "fck it anyway", so I go blue. Since I have blue kayn and I just beat lucian, I think he's gonna be very easy if I gank bot 3v2. So I do. The 2 inters bot go mid FOR ABSOLUTELY NO REASON and leave me 1v1 against lucian. with all his feed he only has to click on me to kill me with 2 shots. Then I go mid, I easily dodge his pathetic R buuuut.... Being the stupidly broken hitbox, it comes back to stick to me from 2km away. At this point I have enough. I start trash talking hard and all the cult followers try to blame me for the loss because, as spoiled kids, they cannot handle the truth served to them without a silver lining and 2 ipads.. And I am the one reported while bot litteraly trolled. THAT'S HAPPENING EVERY GAME BUT OF COURSE THAT'S JUST A COINCIDENCE, RIGHT? BOT FEEDING EVERY EARLY EVERY SINGLE GAME IS JUST PURELY A CASE OF BAD LUCK. YEAH RIGHT L.O.L. EX DEE SMILY FACE. BIG FREAKING HELL OH HELL.
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