Questionnaire from a Soraka player :3 (Plz fill in)

{{champion:16}} Hey, lately I have been playing Soraka a lot with a changed playstyle. And I have some questions for players who are either having Soraka in their team, or playing against one. Hopefully you can take part in answering some of my questions. Thank you for your cooperation! :D **Your Rank:** **-Having Soraka Teammate-** 1. When you play Top/Mid/Jungle, and you see your Soraka is lv 6. Do you count on that she will always be paying attention to your lane and ult for you if you screw up? Would you even bait the enemy because you know that you have a Soraka in your team that can back you up? (Early game in lane phase) 2. When you are playing ADC, at the beginning of the game, what are your expectations? A farm/Passive lane or aggressive? 3. When you are playing ADC, would you rather seeing your Soraka buying a Coin or a Spelltheifs, prefer having a Soraka leveling Q or W? What are your expectations of your Soraka support depending on the route she takes? {{item:3301}} {{item:3303}} 4. Any role you play, sure Soraka heals tons and tons. But do you ever take into the account that it also cost mana + that it has a short cool down as well when in a fight? 5. When you are playing ADC, do you pay attention that your Soraka might have ulted for another lane? What is on your mind when you see that? a) Ok, I have to play def now. b) Damn you are supposed to ult for me only! D: c) Doesn't notice. 6. You are playing ADC, which item do you hope your Soraka will buy ASAP? a) Redemption {{item:3107}} b) Locket {{item:3190}} c) Ardent {{item:3504}} d) Something else _____. **-Having Soraka in Enemy team-** 1. Your role is support, do you expect an easy lane when you see Soraka in enemy team, do you expect her to be passive? 2. You are playing Mid/Top/Jungle, do you expect Soraka to ult and turn the fight when you least expect it? (Early game in lane phase) 3. In a teamfight, do you prioritize taking Soraka out first, before going for the carries? How easy is that? How well does it usually work? 4. You are playing Mid/Top/Jungle, you are almost getting a kill on your target, Soraka ults and saves them. They retaliate, you die. In all chat you see the -would have been dead enemy- BM at you 'REKT'. In a case like this, who are you more mad at? a) Soraka {{champion:16}} b) The enemy who dares BM at you when he couldn't have 1v1 you. {{champion:17}} 5. Following up previous question: Would it tilt you? Scale 1 to 10. 10 being most tilting, 1 being the least. {{champion:17}} {{champion:17}} {{champion:17}} // That's all, Thanx!! :D
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