The new "Runes Reforged" completely destroyed League Of Legends?

I've played this game for over 2-3 years and reached plat multiple times with my accounts. I played this game to improve and have a higher understanding how to build a team, what to do etc. etc. The new Runes reforged is neglecting the old prefered playstyle since multiple champions will be completely unbalanced and some champions will be a vivid imagery and non-existent. Champions like Xerath {{champion:101}} , Varus {{champion:110}} , Tristiana{{champion:18}} and tanks like Urgot{{champion:6}} would be unkillable machines with bonus shields, bonus damage and outbursting potential with little to no effort, to just get attack speed, bonus ability power from attack enemy champions. Video games should be a place where you can improve and show your skills to your fullest potential and that doesn't neglect certain aspects of the game, so a lower minority can have a chance since they've gotten little to no skill potential and currently sitting in Bronze leagues! I'm currently a Plat player, but since the new update, playing the game has just been a misery and depressing, since the accurate description of the runes has little to no sense at all, and only favours a little to a few champions. Everybody will just play adc from now on and be unkillable machines with bonus attack speed and damage. The old rune page was made to give you an image of how you wanted to play your champion and choose what you wanted and didn't and have an influence on your viewpoint of the game, and how you wanted to play it, without any other telling you, what you wanted and didn't, like I compelled before. And you should enjoy playing video games in your way, and don't destroy the game from the majority of the players and favour current little to no numbers. We didn't expect the game would be destroyed because of the update. Since day 1 the update has just been a huge mess, where there isn't time for late game anymore and you can't win without having an outscaling champion. And I've have had little, to no pure chance of winning with my favourite champions without getting stumped Sincerely a player from your game.
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