A New Additional Champion Ban System. "The Bounty"

Let's be honest here there are around 140 champions in League of Legends and everyone is either playing or banning champs like {{champion:64}} {{champion:55}} {{champion:81}} . And lets be honest again there are so many champs people aren't playing or trying to play because of these types of broken champs. But the thing is rather then focusing on balancing these types of champs they should just add a new ban system that bans the champions with an unholy amount of kills. Ladies and gentlemen's i present you "The Bounty System" . Every week The Bounty System will pick (X) amount of champs and place a Bounty on them. The champions that have a bounty can't be picked for 7 days. If your favorite champs has a bounty and you don't want to wait for 7 days to play it you can complete a mission that repeats itself but it gets harder and harder every time you complete it and earn a Black Token which allows you to play the champ with a bounty(Also the token wont be spend until you either win or lose the game so dodging and remakes wont consume the Black Token). Don't know what will the mission require you to do so i will leave it to Riot to come up with. Also another great idea would be that the champions that get bounty many times should get a new skin. Don't know what to name it so i leave it to you guys and Riot. And 1 last idea for new skins is to make skins for the champs that strongly counter the bounty. I Shall call them The Bounty Hunters.
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