Adjusting the rubes to perfectnes

SO, we've all seen the runes and understood who they work, now we all see the two big issues where is death fire touch's replacement, to help constant ap damagae dealers, and windspeaker's blessing also lacks any replacement in the new runes, for healers ,first of all we can say that the new meteor ability or thunderlord should do the trick, but they aren't optimal at all, where the meteor ability needs cc, and the thunderlord is a burst based rune where mages have more and offer more consistent dmg and needs a rune that kan keep up and reward that, and I'm not sure about the aerie pixie one how it works, if it deals dmg everytime you deal dmg then it's perfect, but still not sure,,as for the last tree probably the new last rune will be a support -ish one, maybe it will be the solution to windspeaker's blessing's absence, how knows, i know that many small runes buff heals and shields ,but come one ,isn't it every role's right to have one fitting big rune to his plaustyle. Thoughts?
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