Several suggestions related to statistics provided by the game.

Hi All, The game provides some very interesting statistics post game. I think there are some good suggestions that can further improve this property: 1. The post game information regarding runes seems very useful to me. However, regarding "Biscuit Delivery" it seems useless. Instead of telling I got 4 biscuits (...) I suggest providing three stats: a. Amount of max mana provided (160...). b. Amount of health healed. c. Amount of mana restored. 1. Regarding "stats", the game provides a lot of interesting information such as damage and type dealt to champions and damage healed. I feel one very relevant stat is missing: Amount of damage prevented with shields. 1. I think it could be useful and interesting to get post game information regarding items, similar to the information provided regarding runes. Thanks for reading, CarryAll
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