Twisted Treeline Season 7 WISHLIST

Hi Boards! I'm new here. Haven't really posted anything on forums ever. I'm low platinum solo queue player and me and my friends are currently enjoying 3v3 ranked queues. They are pretty exciting and fun but I have few complaints that just make me tilt. Recent changes to Summoner's Rift aren't shipped to Twisted Treeline for whatever reason. We, being used to those changes, are pretty sad that they are not implemented. I think this place is the best way to contact Riot and make them do something about this because they aren't that big of a changes and would make ours and many other people gameplay on this map better. **1. Jungle monsters animations** This may not sound that big but oh boy, I'm so distracted when they just appear in the jungle from nowhere. Small change, but would really make this map have more character. **2. First minion wave** Because of this I'm always losing 2-3 minions while leashing jungle. Those minions can die so quickly that you never get any experience from them. You changed it on Rift, why don't you change it on Treeline aswell? **3. Game after game lobby bug** There is a weird bug that after a 3v3 game when you want to create lobby it gets all bugy in a pretty difficult to explain way. When you want to create lobby it just makes a lobby with your friends invited already, but they are not actually there and you can't do anything about it other than restarting LoL Client. Pretty anoying, riot pls fix **4. Better altars** I know they were used to be much better, but now they are just insignificant in my opinion. There is actually no point of fighting for them right now. This 1% of health for every minion killed is just bad. Going for damage is not a good option too but I'm sure you will be able to come with good idea ;) **5. Better pre-game lobby** Being used to new pre-game lobby and going back to the old one was like getting hit with a big rock. Misclicked 2 bans already and I'm sure there will be more (I know it's kinda my bad but wouldn't be bad if you implement that). **6. Vilemaw timer** Added on Rift, still not working on Treeline. **7. Enhanced Recall** I personally think this should be nefed to maybe 5/6 seconds but still would be pretty good and should be added.] **8. 3v3 Solo Queue** Would be pretty good for people with no friends to play with and I don't know why it isn't there yet! So that is my wishlist for 3v3 team ladders season 7. I'd like you guys to leave your thoughts in the comments and I will maybe add them to the list. Thank you guys for attention and I hope we will all togheter make this queue even better than it is now :). Sorry in advance if it's in wrong board, like I said it's first time I use this website so be gentle guys.
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