Not buying the scummy Eclipse Leo bundle

Sorry Riot, but there's a point where line needs to be drawn. Variant skins are supposed to be about choosing your flavor, not paying 2x the price for stuff you want. The fact that to get Lunar eclipse Leo icon and border i'm armtwisted into buying everything solar (the mega bundle) for nearly 2x the price total makes me wanna hurl. NO. I ain't doing it, and no sane person should. If you want only one of the leonas (lunar for me) and have 0 interest in other, you should not be deprived of content that is clearly intended for yours. Why should i buy solar leo and all of her shit just to have complete lunar experience?? Pajama Guardians are already pushing it hard, this is another step over the line. Atm i'm wondering of i'll even buy lunar eclipse Leo at all, as i want FULL lunar package, but am not that desperate to fall into this scheme. Who the heck buys a new car just to get an extra set of car keys?? -------------------------------------------------------------------------- A few words extra: Way to kill your own business Riot. Had you provided separate bundles for each Leo (1 skin, 1 icon, 1 border) and charged let's say...2070 RP everyone would be happy. Mega bundle for fans of both, 2k rp bundles for those who want a specific one. But nope. Now imagine army of players that want border and icon (ok that's a stretch, the icons aren't that good, let alone worth extra price the mega bundle demands after you substract skin prices). So army of players that want border but will not shell out 3.5k RP. Since no border...why buy now? Why not wait for discount that will come in few months? Instead of 2070 RP right here and now, a lot of players may opt for 1350 RP later. You guys know how to lower your own profits, that's for sure.
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